Our Partners

Local authorities and businesses involved in delivering The Wellness Week


Our Partners

Local authorities and businesses involved in delivering The Wellness Week

the wellness week - our delivery partners for 2017


We have several delivery partners in place to help advertise the event, run fitness/wellbeing sessions, deliver workshops and be part of our nutritious market stall 



Meet our partners

Meet our partners

meet the people behind the business involved in delivering The wellness Week


Alvin, Alvin Personal Training

I have worked with an extraordinary diverse group of people which has enabled me to pick up a wealth of techniques and methods to help you reach your goals. Whether it be weight loss, sports performance, strength based or general health and wellbeing.


Facebook @alvinpersonaltraining

Chloe Cookney, The Jungle Body

High intensity, low complexity, all over body workout! Cardio, boxing, squats, dance, toning all in one! Very simple to follow for all fitness levels!


Facebook @thejunglebodywithchloeella

Georgia McCarthy, Pilates by Georgia

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have more than 15 years experience of working with a variety of body types from elite athletes, international equestrians, professional golfers and rugby players to the post-natal mother or chronic lower back pain patient. Pilates is for all ages and genders. Everyone can benefit from Pilates: as a physiotherapist I understand the body, its biomechanics and physiology. I can adapt exercises and progress you at the right speed to safely push you further than you ever thought your body could go!


Facebook @pilatesbygeorgia

Giles, Mindfulness

I have practiced mindfulness meditation for 10 years, predominantly from a Buddhist perspective.  With increasing secular influence, I am accredited by The Mindfulness Institute and co-founder of worldwideinsight.org where the world's leading meditation teachers offer live interactive sessions every Sunday 7pm.

In an ever increasingly engaged, plugged in and stimulated environment - taking care and attention to re-orientate our awareness inwards even for just a short amount of time each day can have profound effects. 



Tess van Rijckvorsel, TvR Retreats

Tess is exceptionally healthy.  She likes to feed her family and clients in the same vain.  Her food is not plain and boring its nutritious and tasty.  Her food is Clean, Fat, Gluten, Sugar and Lactose free and you will give you the glow from eating healthy super foods.

Everything is made from scratch using locally sourced produce and supporting local industries. 


Facebook @Tess-Van-Rijck



Toby Keogh, pHitnessonline

I have worked in the industry for over 10 years with a vast array of clients ranging from The Royal Family of Oman to high end military and professional athletes.

Though these years and working with these different clients I have found that there is no magic recipe to fat loss, more individual tailored programmes. I have given hundreds of lectures on Fat loss, Hormones, Nutrition and Exercise all over the world. Education plays an important role in success which is why I've developed pHitnessOnline. The online health and pHitness club and complete wellness resource.


Facebook @pHitnessOnline



Gemma Ware, GW Osteopathy

Gemma graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2005 as a bachelor of Osteopathy and since then, has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds from Babies/teens to the elderly, office workers, manual workers, professional sports people, chronic pain and with pregnancy related issues. Gemma is experienced in treating symptoms from head to toe and regularly helps patients with back, neck, shoulder, hip, postural and knee pain involving nerve, joint, muscle and other soft tissue complaints.

Using hands on treatment, Gemma includes massage, joint movements and manipulations where necessary, gentle stretching, acupuncture, applied kinesiology and gives lots of simple advice for you to help yourself at home.


Facebook @gwosteopathy

Rachel Hobbs

My mission is create fit bodies, educated minds and strong souls through exercise, nutrition and self care. As a health and a performance dietitian, personal trainer, nutrition author and a mum I take a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing; I believe the food we eat, the thoughts we have and the way we move our bodies are intertwined and therefore we must take care of them all. I work with a wide range of clients from professional athletes to new mums to those suffering disordered eating. I lead the British Army’s performance nutrition services as well as having my own clinic in Guildford, I love what I do and take pleasure in supporting individuals to become their happiest selves.


Abigail Ireland, High Performance Consultant

Abi helps high achieving executives and teams to get more done – with more focus, more energy and less stress.  She blends business productivity with physical, mental and emotional factors that impact performance.

After a decade in corporate banking and senior strategy roles, Abi left to launch her own ventures in the education and wellbeing fields. She combines her business expertise with skills as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, taking a holistic approach when delivering workshops, coaching and consultancy solutions.


Facebook @abigail.m.ireland











Anthony Rodriguez, Integrative Fitness

Founder of Integrative Fitness, Anthony Rodriguez is a personal trainer, wellness coach, and martial art instructor.  His positive mindset and friendly personality exudes in his everyday actions. He genuinely cares for the wellness of the community and wants to spread his knowledge to help others.  He is an expert in functional ageing, weight loss and longevity.  Anthony is passionate about his work with charity organisations such as Halow Project (supporting young people with learning disabilities) and Oakleaf Enterprise (Surrey Mental Health Charity).


Facebook @integrativefitnessuk