health and wellbeing is a passion, not just a job

Emma Hitchcock

My passion for fitness and healthy living started off as a PE teacher, supporting and campaigning for girls to get more involved in sports. Now as personal trainer, FitCamp and HITT instructor, I am committed to helping my clients keep fitness a part of their daily routine while juggling their busy lives.

I am not a fan of fad diets and believe that when it comes to nutrition, lifestyle changes will keep you healthy for life.

My friends and clients know me as bright and bubbly and I believe that my fun, down-to-earth approach will keep you motivated even in the drizzling weather and on late dark nights when the couch is calling.

My work within the local community sees me regularly organising fun runs and fitness events for all the family. Between working with clients, giving a class and being a busy mum of two I like to take part in the odd triathlon or 10K run to keep me on my path to wellness.



Olwen Brunton

| believe that a healthy mind and body are the root of happiness and wellbeing.  I have been on my own path of self discovery and search for the perfect life balance between mind body and soul for almost 20 years. Although I have not found that perfect balance, I have learnt by embedding healthy habits into daily life, a greater sense of wellbeing and a healthy mind can be achieved.

I have been a life and business coach since 2006. I am passionate about working with others and supporting them in transforming their lives and finding renewed motivation and energy.

I love working out and spinning to great music.  I recognise how good this is for my mind as well as my body. Feeding my three young boys has been the perfect opportunity to learn more about nutrition and good home cooking, from which the whole family benefits.

My wish is that our Wellness Week will inspire you and encourage you to find a happier, healthier you.